Natural make-up removal routine

Natural make-up removal routine

Natural make-up removal routine

1. Jojoba oil for the face:

Just pour a dab of jojoba oil into your hands. You must then heat it slightly with your fingers and then spread it over your face, always using your fingers, making small circular movements, emphasizing the areas with the most makeup.

Jojoba oil has many properties, its composition is close to that of human sebum which is ideal for all skin types. This oil will deeply rid all the make-up and impurities that accumulate daily on the skin, plus it fights against skin aging.

2. Avocado oil for eyes:

Then use avocado oil which is ideal for removing waterproof mascara, pencil and eye shadow. This oil will take care of the eye contour, nourish it and above all prevent dehydration around the eyes.

3. Rinse with water:

Rinse with lukewarm water using hands or washable wipes. If there are any make-up residues, do not hesitate to use a soap

4. Rose water:

To complete the make-up removal, use rose water using a washable wipe, this will remove the greasy feeling on the skin that the oil could have left and bring freshness, softness and protection to the skin. . Rose water has a tightening effect that helps fight against aging and wrinkles. It eliminates dark circles and puffy eyes. It tightens the pores of the skin, hydrates it, purifies it and refreshes the complexion

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