Natural tip 🍃:


The feet are damaged and very busy but rarely pampered!

First stage :
Relax and hydrate
In a basin of hot water, mix coarse salt and sweet almond oil. Massage the feet for a few minutes then dry them

Second step :
Exfoliate using a pumice stone or volcanic stone, rub the rough and thick parts of the feet

Third step :
Strengthen and stimulate nail growth.
Apply castor oil to the nails, massage for a few moments then rinse

Fourth step:
Hydration, generously apply shea butter to the feet to make it penetrate. Put on a pair of socks to keep as many products as possible until completely absorbed.

The sweet almond will moisturize and nourish the skin

The pumice or volcanic stone removes dead skin to facilitate cell regeneration

Castor oil activates nail growth. ⚠ Do not use on pregnant, breastfeeding women and children. Prefer olive oil

Shea butter deeply moisturizes and protects the epidermis from external and daily aggressions

To be done about once a week, more or less depending on the condition of the feet

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