Black soap with eucalyptus


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Black soap with eucalyptus

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Black soap is one of the many cosmetics that make our skin softer , more beautiful and which preserves it from aging as well as external aggressions such as prickly pear seed oil, argan oil or even butter. of shea. The virtues of natural black soap are very numerous.

A cult product for oriental women, it is an obligatory ritual of the Moroccan hammam .

Today, used for its many properties and virtues on the skin and hair. Ecological and economical , what are we waiting for to use it?

Its benefits:

The advantage of black soap is that it is suitable for all skin types . It is an excellent natural exfoliant that softens the epidermis, nourishes dry hair and skin . Combined with an exfoliating action, it will eliminate all impurities and dead skin cells. It nourishes the skin. Thanks to vitamin E but also to linoleic and oleic acids, it helps soften the skin. Very good antibacterial, black soap helps to treat acne, and helps fight against imperfections but also to soothe the acne that settles on our faces. With all this our skin will become soft, satiny and silky again. It purifies the scalp and can replace shampoo.

Where does it come from and what is it made of?

Black soap is a real miracle product for the skin.

Originally from Morocco, more precisely from the region of Essaouira, it is a 100% natural substance, of artisanal manufacture. Its virtues have gone through decades. Always used in the Arab world, black soap is an excellent vegetable and natural exfoliant whose effectiveness is well established.

It is a fairly thick paste of very dark color obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed black olives macerated in salt and potash. Most of the time it is odorless but you can find it with a light scent of eucalyptus (for its relaxing and antiseptic properties) or other essential oils for their good smells and their many benefits.

How to use it ?

The black soap does not foam but becomes creamy as soon as it is moistened. Apply the soap to damp skin, wait a few minutes then rub vigorously with a kessa or loufa glove (available at Casarome at €4.90 for the kessa glove and €2.90 for the loufa ), emphasizing the roughest areas. This will help get rid of dead cells and skin. Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. The effect of the glove will erase your body and thanks to the richness in vitamin E of the olives, the black soap will smooth, satin the skin and will make the imperfections disappear. It can also be used as a base for all daily body, face and hand care. After exfoliation, use a moisturizer to deeply nourish your skin such as our body milk based on ORGANIC Argan Star argan oil, shea butter or a vegetable oil such as argan oil, sweet almond or jojoba.

Composition: Olive oil, saponified olive oil, potassium hydroxide and eucalyptus essential oil

Caution : Avoid contact with eyes and edges of lips. The use of the kessa glove on the face is not recommended, preferably use our soft glove at 1.90€ for the skin of the face which is more fragile and sensitive.

Black soap with eucalyptus essential oil 200 gr jar in engraved PET plastic for less waste

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