Activated charcoal and green clay soap: In green & black


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Activated charcoal and green clay soap: IN GREEN & BLACK!

Quantity: 90g

Cold saponified

100% natural, artisanal, handmade and biodegradable

Ideal for acneic skin but also for combination skin .

Its recipe treats skin problems while retaining skin hydration.

Composition :

Olive oil, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, nigella oil, hazelnut oil, glycerin, activated carbon, green clay and essential oil of tea tree (tea tree).

Hazelnut oil: has purifying effects, it is suitable for combination to very oily skin with imperfections. It allows to regulate the production of sebum, it also brings comfort and a pretty complexion.

Black cumin oil: also called black cumin oil, it has very strong purifying and regulating abilities. The skin is more mattified, the inflamed areas quickly calm down and the number and intensity of pimples decrease.

Green clay: very effective in fighting acne. The clay purifies, absorbs sebum and reduces redness.

Activated carbon: C adapts pollutants and toxins that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Purifying, it purifies the skin and reduces the risk of inflammation during acne problems.

Tea tree essential oil: treats minor ailments such as pimples and blackheads thanks to its antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral actions.

Unscented. Without palm oil. Our soap is gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. Not tested on animals. With essential oils , not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Resulting from saponification, the glycerin present in Casarome soaps is obtained naturally.

We have chosen to work without palm oil because we want to have a low ecological impact . Apart from the cultivation of palm oil has a catastrophic impact on our ecosystem, it involves massive deforestation which is in everyone's interest.

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