Herbal sachet for foot bath


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Herbal sachet for foot bath:

The herbal sachet relaxes and soothes the feet thanks to the action of plants. Feet regain energy and vitality ! Real care for those looking for the comfort of tired feet, to relieve the joints, or to fight against the tensions accumulated by the feet.

Use :

Put a sachet in a basin and leave to infuse.

Ingredients :

Sage leaves, thyme leaves, damask rose, cinnamon bark, myrtle leaves, henna leaves, lavender, cloves

Why take a foot bath?

Whether we are looking to relax our feet after walking all day, to relieve our heavy legs or soothe our swollen feet, the foot bath is a real well-being solution to overcome many problems.

Virtues of plants for the feet:

Sage: Limits sweating and fights fungi.

Thyme: antifungal, it treats athlete's foot and certain fungal infections

Cinnamon: has an antifungal power

Myrtle: stimulates the lymphatic system and relieves heaviness in the feet

Henna: fights fungal infections and fights foot sweating

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