Organic Shikakai powder


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Organic Shikakai powder

Quantity: 100g

Ingredients: Acacia concinna

Appearance : Fine powder

Container: Kraft bag

Storage conditions: Away from light, humidity and air. Remember to close the jar or bag well after use

Shikakai powder comes from a small shrub, Acacia concinna, native to Asia, particularly widespread in India.

It is mainly used for hair care and washing.

Naturally gentle with a low PH, it neither attacks nor dries out the hair, thus contributing to the reduction of dandruff.

Rich in saponin , it cleans without stripping the hair.

Due to its multiple benefits, shikakai powder is a 3-in-1 natural product , it will effectively replace masks, shampoo and even conditioner.

It restores vitality , strength and shine to the hair, shikakai powder gently cleanses the scalp , detangles and facilitates styling .

Shikakai powder strengthens the roots and limits hair loss . It fights effectively and naturally against lice. Using it regularly can darken light hair.

Particularly moisturizing, it is perfect for dry hair .

Combined with mustard or castor oil it promotes hair growth.

It cleans and purifies the skin effectively without drying it out.

How to use shikakai powder:

As a pre-shampoo mask, mix the powder or powders with hot water until a homogeneous paste is obtained, complete the treatment with vegetable oil, aloe vera gel, egg yolk, syrup of agave, yogurt or honey, to nourish the hair. Apply the mask to the scalp and the lengths.  Massage the scalp to make the active ingredients penetrate and spread over all the hair then leave on for about 1 hour, hair wrapped in a hot towel . Rinse thoroughly then wash the hair. To be done once a week.

Or in shampoo by applying on wet hair , the mixture of powder and water.

For the face, apply the mixture of powder and water for about ten minutes.

As a scrub to eliminate dead skin without eliminating the hydrolipidic film of the skin

Can be combined with other powders, such as amla, brahmi, neem…or vegetable oils, depending on the desired benefits.

Precaution of use:

Not left to carry children

Do a test 48 hours in advance, on a small part of the body

Highly volatile powder wear a mask and goggles when preparing the treatment

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