Volcanic pumice stone


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Volcanic black stone

It is used to exfoliate the soles of the feet . 100% natural, porous, light and very hard, this pumice stone, made of volcanic rock, is black in color, which has a porous and abrasive alveolar structure which allows quality exfoliation. Used at the end of a hot bath, it gently erases dead skin and roughness on the feet, especially on the heel where callus accumulates. Lightweight, easy to use, it is also perfect for gently cleaning and polishing fingers and palms, elbows and knees.

But what is that for ?

It helps to exfoliate the skin . With its abrasive action, it eliminates the layers of dead cells present on the skin , perfect for the care of the feet because the skin is thick there. It can also be used on elbows or hands. The pumice stone is very useful in a bathroom , as it can be used by all members of the family. It is an all natural and eco-friendly product that will last you for years.

How to use it?

The best use is once a week, beware daily use may damage the epidermis of the soles of the feet or the parts to be treated. For optimal use, it is recommended to let the feet rest in hot water and add a little black soap for 10 minutes before exfoliating. The foot bath will soften the thick skin of the heels as well as that located under the soles of the feet. Then you have to rub the thickest parts of the feet with your pumice stone and above all leave a thin layer of horn which will protect the skin. There will be no pain because only dead skin must be rubbed. Then moisturize the feet with argan-type oil or shea butter.

The pumice stone is also an old method for hair removal. It slows down hair growth but for that it must be included daily in your beauty routine. In the shower, after soaping, just pass the pumice stone over the legs, be careful to avoid the bikini line or the armpits (the too sensitive areas) by making circular movements without pressing. A little patience after a few weeks the result is visible.

After use rinse the pumice stone and let it dry

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