Horn combs with handle


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Horn combs with handle

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Anti-static, hair/beard straightening aid, ideal for oily, combination hair. The hair is disciplined with the passage of the comb.

Detangles without weakening the keratin present in the hair. Restores vigor and shine to the hair. The hair becomes more relaxed and supple . Helps to replenish the hair fiber. Combined with a natural oil, the horn comb is an ally for hair and beard. Ecological , sustainable , made in Madagascar, with respect for the animal. Will easily replace plastic brushes.

Gritted teeth:

Very suitable for fine, fragile, dry hair to restore suppleness and lightness.

Wide teeth:

Adapts well to voluminous and/or curly hair . Thanks to its spaced teeth, detangling is easy and effective.

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How do I maintain my comb?

Being of the same material as the hair (keratin), the comb requires simple maintenance with water and mild soap if necessary. Once or twice a year, oil it with a washable cloth and sweet almond oil.

Making the comb:

Made from zebu horns from Madagascar.
The horns are collected on leaving the slaughterhouse, so it is a matter of recovery and recovery.
No dehorning or poaching is practiced.
The combs are made in an artisanal and manual way.

Why the horn comb?

Because it is ecological , in keratin, the same material as our hair. This is why it avoids the electrostatic effect. It coats the hair, makes it shiny. In addition, it limits frizz and does not attack the scalp. Does not tear or break hair.

Transition from industrial shampoo to natural shampoo:

The horn comb can help with this transition. Indeed, the more often the hair is brushed, the more the dust will go away and the more the sebum will spread along the hair. As a result, it will protect the lengths and will not grease the roots. Be careful, the transition is more or less long depending on the nature of the hair.

Possibility to engrave a name on the handle of the comb: font of your choice (to be specified when filling in your details in the "Add a note" box): Price at €18.9

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