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sandalwood comb

The natural sandalwood comb is an ideal tool to detangle beard and hair with care and softness. Sandalwood is a natural wood that has many virtues, native to India, it is distinguished from others by its therapeutic smell and its virtues. Widely used in cosmetics for its toning, relaxing, antiseptic and disinfectant effects. It is also used in massage to fight against depression.

The sandalwood comb helps fight against hair loss, brings shine to the hair, it is naturally fragrant and anti-static. It massages the scalp and stimulates blood circulation. Regulates excess sebum by spreading it from root to tip. It cleans and detangles the scalp gently, without breaking the hair fiber.

With its sweet and relaxing smell it helps fight lack of concentration and anxiety. Wide-tooth combs are recommended for detangling curly hair , but can be used on all hair types . In daily use, it limits the formation of knots and frizz . With these smooth teeth it will allow you to style the hair without attacking it. It will resist wear and shocks so it can be kept for life.

A wooden or sandalwood comb or a horn comb is a good alternative to plastic combs which may contain chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment. Ecological, zero waste, durable, replaces other means of styling . Ideal for people who are not attracted to horn combs.

Precautions for use:

- Wash the comb regularly by hand with lukewarm water using a mild soap and let it air dry
- Does not support sudden temperature changes
- Do not put the comb in hot water
- Do not expose the comb to light for too long
- Do not immerse it in water
By applying these little rules the life of the comb will be extended

Possibility of engraving a name on the handle of the comb: front or back of the comb, with writing font of your choice (to be specified when filling in your details in the "Add a note" box): Price €14.90

Size: 19cm x 5cm x 0.8cm

Price: €12.90

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