Bamboo ear picks


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Bamboo ear picks

Natural, eco-friendly, zero waste and healthy ear picks

Every day thousands of cotton swabs pollute our planet. An alternative exists, it comes from Japan. Indeed they have always used a bamboo ear cleaner , much healthier, ecological, zero waste and economical, it can only be bought once and can be used for life and at any age!

It prevents plug formation in the ear. (Confirmation of the doctor).

Earwax is good for your eardrum because it protects it, that's why the ear cleaner is better than the cotton swab because it does not push the earwax to the bottom of the ear canal but just allows it to be removed from the ear canal. this !

It is possible to use the earpick for cleaning the ears of children and adults, however the earpick must be handled by an adult.

Using advice :

Block the earpick with your finger and above all do not try to go any further, because by removing the earwax close to the eardrum, it will no longer be protected. Use 1-2 times per week.

Price: €2.90

Material: bamboo

Length : 10cm

Possibility to engrave a name: front or back of the ear pick, with a font of your choice (to be specified when filling in your details in the "Leave a word for Casarome" box): Price at €6.90

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