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Mint vegetable oil

Quantity: 50ml

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable

What are its benefits ?

Just like lemon oil, this beauty elixir is obtained by macerating mint leaves.

For the skin :

Cleans, disinfects the skin. Tones , firms, gently drains and refreshes the skin , also allows quality slimming . Rebalances oily skin . Regulates sebum production and fights acne. Excellent tonic against cellulite, muscle fatigue and heavy legs . Has toning, slimming , draining and moisturizing properties. Helps regulate water retention . Effective against mosquito bites, it will soothe the pain.

For hair :

Lice repellent. Fight against dandruff.

In massaging:

Relieves muscle pain, rheumatism, sprains and neuralgia. Prepares and relaxes the athlete before and after exercise. Is ideal for massages on the legs especially in case of severe fatigue, varicose veins or areas affected by cellulite .
Can be used in inhalations or for massages on the chest . It will help to fight against respiratory problems (bronchitis, snoring, flu, colds...)

Quantity: 50ml / 100ml

Container: Glass bottle

Casarome Tip:

For the skin :

Apply mint oil to the areas to be slimmed down and massage in a circular motion. Leave to act for about twenty minutes.

For hair :
Helps eliminate dandruff . Gently massage the oil into your damp hair, leave to act, and rinse with lukewarm water before washing your hair as normal.

Small + Casarome: Can act as an excellent deodorant.

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