Sesame oil

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Sesame oil

Quantity: 50ml or 10ml

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable

1st cold pressing

What are its benefits ?

For the skin :

Regenerating, softening and moisturizing, sesame oil is suitable for irritated or dry skin . It can also be used as an anti-aging treatment on the face. Softens dehydrated and irritated skin . Softens the epidermis. Calms itching. Effective anti-wrinkle . Absorbs UV rays and is considered a natural UV blocker . Effective against eczema, psoriasis and desquamation.

For hair :

Nourishes and beautifies nails and hair. It helps lubricate the hair and makes it soft . Helps care for prematurely graying hair , stimulates scalp circulation. Treats dandruff . Moisturizes the scalp and fights dry hair . Sesame oil fights hair loss and breakage . It therefore stimulates hair growth . It also has anti-bacterial properties, so it protects the scalp from possible infections.

Where does it come from?

Sesame is a plant widely used in Asia. The plant needs a tropical environment, sandy and well-drained soil, it rarely exceeds 1 m in height. When flowering, there are many small white flowers that will turn into pods containing white or black seeds. Each flower can contain up to 100 seeds, sesame seeds are small, almost flattened, taste like hazelnuts and have a high oil content. The latter roasted, you will obtain a dark colored oil, with a pronounced taste and smell. Used in cooking and appreciated for its beneficial fatty acids, this oil is however not suitable for use in cosmetics. To produce a cosmetic and effective sesame oil in beauty care, the seeds are cold pressed, without being roasted.
Sesame oil reveals softening and regenerating properties. Thanks to its richness in vitamin E and A, it plays a role in the preservation of the skin, avoiding its premature aging. Sesame oil also contains copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc and also phosphorus. In your daily life, it will help make your skin more beautiful.

How to use sesame oil?

For best results, use slightly warm sesame oil. Apply the oil all over the hair then massage your scalp, wrap your hair in a hot towel and leave for 30 minutes then wash.

Casarome Tip:

Prevent the formation of cellulite: Moisturizing and toning, sesame oil will act effectively against orange peel skin . Mix 20 cl of sesame oil with twenty drops of cypress essential oil and twenty drops of lemon essential oil. Apply by massaging on areas at risk (upper thighs, buttocks, stomach, etc.)

+ Little extra tip:

To fight the signs of aging , apply sesame oil to your face every night before going to bed. It will nourish your skin while you sleep . When you wake up, it will be softer, as if regenerated.

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