Ghassoul powder from Morocco (rhassoul)


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Ghassoul powder from Morocco (rhassoul)

Quantity: 150g

Ingredients: Mineral clay

Appearance : Fine powder

Container: Kraft bag

Storage conditions: Away from light, humidity and air. Remember to close the jar or bag well after use

But what is it ?

Ghassoul is a mineral clay , naturally saponiferous, 100% natural and organic . It is rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, aluminum, calcium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium. Extracted in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains. Its name comes from “rassala” which means “to wash” in Arabic. It has cleansing properties, cleans in a physical process by absorbing impurities and fats, which purifies the skin and hair. Indeed, Ghassoul does not chemically modify the surface tension of water, as soaps and shampoos can and therefore has no consequences in terms of wastewater pollution and no negative effect for the planet.

It is a 100% natural and zero waste product, perfect for body and hair care . Very gentle, ghassoul removes dead skin and excess sebum while not irritating the sebaceous glands and protecting the hydrolipidic film.

It is an essential treatment in hammam rituals. Ghassoul has been used for several centuries by oriental women, mainly Moroccan, to gently cleanse , purify , tone and nourish . It is suitable for everyone, even children, and even on fragile areas such as the eye contour.

What are its benefits ?

It is a natural product that does not attack the protective film of the skin or the protective sheath of the hair. It cleanses the skin, purifies it, degreases it and absorbs excess sebum. Astringent, it tightens pores and restores elasticity to skin tissue. Regenerating and lightening, it is suitable for all skin types, it cleanses the skin in depth, without attacking it, eliminates impurities, particularly blackheads due to sebum, and absorbs impurities. Dust particles, impurities, dead cells and fatty substances are washed away during rinsing, thanks to ghassoul.

Ghassoul is also recommended for hair maintenance , it acts like a shampoo by cleaning and degreasing the hair and scalp, without damaging the hair fiber . It plays a soothing role for dandruff-prone or itchy scalps. It regulates the production of sebum in the hair, which makes it the ally of oily hair, however it is not only reserved for oily hair. Because it smoothes the hair and gives the hair volume, shine, softness, it is also very suitable for fine hair and dry hair . 100% natural, it does not contain any surfactant (it is a detergent agent, which is responsible for the foam of our classic shampoos), which is perfect for people who want to give up the classic shampoo. In short , with ghassoul, the hair regains softness, shine, suppleness and tone.

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