Nigella oil capsule

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Nigella oil capsule

Quantity : 60 capsules

Ingredients: Nigella capsule

Container: Jar

Directions for use: 2 to 3 capsules / day

Storage conditions: Away from light, humidity and air. Remember to close the jar or bag well after use

What is Nigella?

Present in the Mediterranean basin and in the Middle East, Nigella is a plant whose seeds are appreciated for their unique taste and their many health benefits. For thousands of years, Nigella seeds have been harvested before being roasted, crushed or used in decoctions, vegetable oils and essential oils.

What are the health benefits?

While nigella seeds are commonly used as a food spice in the Middle East, nigella is adored in herbal medicine for its antioxidant, immunostimulant, anti-infective and antihistamine potential. The nigella in these different forms is particularly recommended to strengthen the natural defenses and tone the body during the change of seasons, especially to deal with allergies at the onset of spring.

Using advice :

The nigella can be used preventively as well as curatively.

Before taking it, be sure to ask your doctor for advice and check your allergies to this product.

Indeed, it allows to maintain a good immunity and to strengthen the body to face the evils of winter.

The nigella can be taken in case of pre-diabetes to help lower blood sugar levels or even pre-hypertension to lower blood pressure.

The nigella can be used to reduce certain chronic pains.

Its intake must be punctual, in cure of three weeks maximum.

Contraindication: hypertension, hypoglycemia, allergy, chemotherapy (only some see directly with your oncologist), pregnancy and breastfeeding (it can be taken to promote lactation on medical advice).

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