ground cumin


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ground cumin

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Cumin is recognized for its antispasmodic qualities.

Naturally anti-inflammatory, it will soothe certain pains such as rheumatism.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, cumin is a great ally for our health in general. It promotes the assimilation of nutrients and minerals.

Cumin being an excellent diuretic, it promotes good kidney function when used as an infusion.

It would promote good cholesterol , delay the effects of diabetes.

Rich in iron, it is a very good supplement for people suffering from anemia.

Excellent galactagogue, so it is recommended for breastfeeding women.

It would help in case of difficult digestion , flatulence, abdominal and stomach pain.

A few seeds in the cooking water of hard to digest foods or daily consumption would improve digestion and provide relief for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

In summary, it is the spice to have both in your kitchen and in your medicine cabinet!

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