Wooden bath brush with handle


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Wooden bath brush with handle

The natural bath brush makes washing easier. Suitable for shower or bath. Equipped with a removable handle, it allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, very practical during pregnancy. The bristles of the brush are made of natural silk, soft and flexible at the same time, they perfectly follow the shape of the body when brushing. Thanks to its strap on the top and its size optimized for the hands, brushing is simple and effective.

It exfoliates, removes dead skin and massages the skin. It improves blood circulation and softens the skin.

After use, rinse the brush and let it dry using the small cord at the end of the handle, this will extend the life of the brush.

The wooden bath brush can be used for dry brushing.

But what is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a simple technique that involves rubbing the skin with a brush to promote blood circulation and stimulate the skin and organs.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

It removes dead skin cells, brightens the complexion. It fights cellulite. It promotes skin regeneration and the elimination of wrinkles. It stimulates the circulation of the lymph, the immune system as well as the glands and the production of hormones. It promotes muscle tone, as well as the distribution of fatty deposits. The skin becomes softer, the orange peel skin diminishes as well as the acne. It helps to regulate and harmonize body temperature. In daily use, it contributes to the good health of the body in general...

Price: €8.90

Size of the brush with handle: 41 cm

Brush size: 12.5cm x 7cm

Hair length: 1.7 cm

Possibility to engrave a name on the handle of the brush: front or back, with font of your choice (to be specified when filling in your details in the "Leave a note for Casarome" box) : Price at €12.90

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