Bamboo toothbrush


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Bamboo toothbrush

Nylon bamboo toothbrush (white bristles)

100% natural and zero waste

Why the bamboo toothbrush more than a plastic toothbrush?

Because its handle is made of bamboo, which is naturally anti-bacterial and resistant, soft and light at the same time, which makes brushing pleasant. Soft black biodegradable nylon bristles, infused with vegetable charcoal. It allows deep cleaning, makes teeth white, eliminates bad breath and particles that dull teeth. Its soft bristles are an ally for sensitive and fragile gums. Its handle is made of bamboo, therefore biodegradable, which makes it a 100% natural and zero waste product.

Price: €2.95

Possibility to engrave a name on the handle of the brush: front or back of the toothbrush, with a font of your choice (to be specified in the basket, in the "Add a note" box): Price at €4.95

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