How to limit hair loss?

How to limit hair loss?

How to limit hair loss?

1. Stop using so-called aggressive products (colouring, perms, straighteners, etc.)

2. Avoid pulling too much on your hair, use a suitable hairbrush such as a horn or wooden comb, bamboo brush..
And above all, beware of headbands, rubber bands, braids...

3. Avoid too hot water and prefer air drying

4. Massaging the scalp makes it much more receptive to care (see tip to come)

5. Wear a hat in the sun to protect hair.

6. Use natural hair products (vegetable and essential oils, shea, black soap and clays, etc.)

7. Limit too long swimming in chlorinated or salt water.

8. Rinse your hair with lemon juice or cider vinegar diluted in lukewarm water, they will restore vitality to the hair.

9. Having a good diet nourishes the hair (fish, cereals, vegetables, cocoa, dark chocolate, dried fruits, etc.)

10. Tobacco also alters the quality of hair, asphyxiated and less irrigated.

➕ Care: Continue to maintain and nourish the hair by washing it with mild, sulfate-free shampoos and rinsing it with lukewarm water or Marseille soap. You can add treatments based on essential oils (lemon, lavender, etc.) or vegetable oils such as aloe-vera, sesame, argan, castor oil, cloves, garlic, etc.

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