How to maintain a horn comb?

horn comb

How to maintain a horn comb?

The horn comb needs simple maintenance, but you better stick to these few tips to keep your horn comb looking like when you bought it:

  1. Wash it once or twice a month with a mild soap and lukewarm water or simply a damp cloth. Do not use detergent (shampoo, shower gel) or acidic products. This will remove the impurities that settle on it during daily use.
  1. Wipe it off after using it on wet hair or washing it. The horn does not like to stay wet for long. Hence the following advice:
  1. Store the horn comb well, it does not like places that are too humid, avoid the edge of a sink: preferably store it on a shelf, you will manage to find a small place for it next to your beauty products. And if possible put it in a small cover, preferably in leather because the leather will help preserve the keratin contained in the comb.
  1. It is afraid of excessive temperatures: above all, do not put it on a radiator, avoid using it with a hair dryer and also avoid exposure to the sun. (the heat will dry out the horn and make it brittle)
  1. To keep it for a long time and maintain its solidity, lightly oil it every 6 months with a moistened cloth (sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or olive oil).
  1. In case of dandruff or other hair diseases, clean your comb with an essential oil of lavender, thyme or rosemary. This will prevent you from re-infecting yourself during treatment.
  1. Never carry a horn comb with fine teeth in your pocket, it may break your teeth.
  1. Avoid falls, it could break your teeth, but this advice applies to many everyday objects unfortunately we know it sometimes we do not control our actions and the disaster happens!!!

Now you are prepared for all the problems you may face with the horn comb.

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