Soothing oil after sun

Soothing oil after sun

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Soothing oil after sun:

It's summer, the holidays, and we want to take advantage of it to swim and tan in the sun, but unfortunately too long exposure to the sun is not what is best for our skin. Casarome has the solution!!

A soothing oil to apply in case of sunburn or prolonged exposure to make yourself.

For this we need: 10 ml of vegetable oil of lavender, as well as the same quantity of aloe vera oil. Then 5 ml of avocado oil and 5 ml of argan oil.

This oil, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, will help soothe the skin in the event of sunburn, reduce redness and stimulate the healing process (aloe vera oil and lavender).

It will soften the skin and restore its elasticity and comfort. It will strengthen the epidermis, reduce desquamation and above all promote and accelerate the regeneration of the skin (avocado and argan oil).

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