Prickly pear oil (macerate)


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Oily prickly pear macerate

Quantity: 50ml or 100ml

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable

Oily prickly pear macerate:

Obtained by macerating prickly pear fruits in sunflower oil, very good alternative to prickly pear seed oil , obtained by cold pressing the seeds, which is much more expensive. Figs are very rich in nutrients and are used a lot in the food industry, for these vitamins C or as natural food colorings.

Its benefits:

For the skin :

Excellent treatment for mature, fragile, sensitive, dull and tired skin , prone to cracking, lacking elasticity.
Naturally rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene, the oily prickly pear macerate has antioxidant properties, which are very useful in the fight against skin ageing. It is a very effective ingredient for all anti-aging treatments (it fights against the appearance of free radicals responsible for premature aging of the epidermis).

Restructuring, thanks to omega-6 which promotes skin repair and cell renewal. Very good tensor treatment, it makes the skin firm and toned . It also prevents the withering of tissues. Nourishing , it softens and protects the skin from dehydration . Concentrated in polyunsaturated fatty acids, it regenerates the lipid protective film on the surface of the skin (softening action and improves the elasticity of the skin). Preserves the tan. Very pleasant in massage oil. Ideal for preventing and reducing stretch marks and other scars .

Used daily, it will be an excellent anti-aging treatment for the face , but also for the neck and bust . Thanks to its softness and the finesse of its texture, it penetrates quickly, leaving skin soft and satiny .

For hair :

the oily prickly pear macerate nourishes them and restores their radiance. it also restores softness, shine and strength to the hair.

Glass bottle: 50 ml at €6.90 & 100 ml at €10.90

Casarome Tip:

Anti-wrinkle and dark circle oil: Mix 10 ml of castor oil , 10 ml of prickly pear macerate and 10 ml of rosehip oil . Then put it in a small bottle, resulting in a special anti-wrinkle and dark circles oil. Then apply very gently to the eye contour every evening.

Anti-aging care: Mix oily macerate of prickly pear, argan oil and rose essential oil. The result is a perfect anti-aging treatment for the night for a hydrated face and a pretty complexion when you wake up!

Mask for dry hair: Mix 10 drops of oily prickly pear macerate with a tablespoon of warmed shea butter in the palm of your hand. Apply this mask to dry hair and leave on for about 30 minutes. Then wash the hair with your usual shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Hair care for dry hair: Apply a few drops of oily macerate of prickly pear 2 to 3 times a week on the hair, leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Ideal for hair that is too dry, especially in summer.

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