Sweet almond oil


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Sweet almond oil

Quantity: 50ml or 100ml

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable

Sweet almond oil comes from amandou, the fruit of the almond tree, a fruit tree with pink and white flowers. Rich in vegetable fats, it contains omega 6 and 9 but also vitamin A (which improves skin elasticity ), B, D and E (which accelerates cell repair ). Sweet almond oil is also rich in mineral salts, proteins, iron, zinc and copper. 1st cold pressing. Who says better ?

Not tested on animals and vegan

What are its benefits ?

For the skin :

Hydrates the skin, softens it and tones it. Reduces stretch marks , with emollient properties. Soothes skin problems (eczema, sunburn, burns, etc.)

For hair :

Moisturizes dry and damaged hair . Regulates sebum production and eliminates dead skin thanks to its emollient action. Recommended for dry, split ends, brittle and frizzy hair. Sweet almond oil nourishes hair, protects hair from dehydration. It restores vigor to the scalp and radiance . It smoothes the cuticle and controls flaking. By applying almond oil to the scalp, it will relieve itching, improve blood circulation, prevent hair loss and fight dandruff .

Origin: EU

Container: Tinted glass bottle to preserve its virtues

In order to reduce our waste and yours, Casarome offers ORGANIC sweet almond oil in the form of 50ml and 100ml bottles with lotion pump.

Engraving instead of the label for less waste

(Due to a technical problem, we are replacing the engraving with a label until this problem is resolved)

Price: 50 ml at €7.90 and 100 ml at €11.90

Little tips:

1. Neutral sweet almond oil, is ideal for preparing your own cosmetics, mixtures. Add the essential oils of your choice, according to your needs.

If you shave your legs with a razor, first put a protective film of sweet almond oil on the area to be treated to obtain a smoother and more polished effect. The oil protects you from cuts and ingrown hairs.

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