Organic rose water

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Organic rose water (Rose hydrosol)

What are its benefits ?

Rose water is a complete cosmetic . It tightens the pores of the skin , hydrates it, purifies it and refreshes the complexion . It heals, softens and hydrates your skin. That's why dry skin loves it. Being also astringent, it will appeal to combination skin .
Oily skin can use it in addition to an anti-acne floral water, for example geranium water. Rich in vitamin C, rose water has a tightening effect that fights against aging and wrinkles . It eliminates dark circles and puffy eyes .
For the hair it prevents their fall . Soothes irritated scalp. Relieves headaches. Has relaxing properties. Ideal before make-up and replaces micellar water .

But where does it come from?

Floral water has been used since antiquity. Its manufacture is quite simple. Rose water comes from a distillation process of rose petals. Placed in a still, these deliver, thanks to the steam, a distillate which allows the creation of an essential oil . and flavored water.

How to use it ?

The most classic way to use rose water is to soak it in your washable wipe and clean your face every morning or elsewhere as desired. In this case, rose water can replace your tonic. If you put a drop of sweet almond, argan or avocado oil on your wipe, rose water becomes a powerful make-up remover that overcomes the most stubborn traces of mascara. You can also combine it with other beauty treatments, such as to enrich your skin mask, your shampoo, or perfume your bath with two tablespoons of rose water.

Price: from €6.50

Quantity: 50ml and 100ml

Origin: Morocco

Container: Tinted glass bottle to preserve its virtues

In order to reduce our waste and yours, Casarome offers rose water in the form of a 100 ml bottle without sprayer (refill) and/or with sprayer. This allows you, the consumer, to buy only a refill of rose water or the bottle with the vaporizer, so as not to throw away the vaporizer each time, so you can reuse it on your future refills.

Engraving instead of the label for less waste

(Due to a technical problem, we are replacing the engraving with a label until this problem is resolved)

Little beauty tip:

To optimize its anti-wrinkle power, summer and winter, rose water: place your bottle of rose water in your refrigerator. The cold will accentuate its tightening effects and give you a radiant and fresh complexion.

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