Organic orange blossom water

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Organic orange blossom water

Organic orange blossom water (Orange blossom hydrosol )

Its properties:

Calming, softening, refreshing, toning, orange blossom floral water leaves a very pleasant scent on the skin. Regenerating, it takes great care of dry, tired, delicate or irritated skin , but also mature skin , which it regenerates and firms. Can also be used on babies' skin, which it will soothe and refresh.

Its benefits:

For the skin :

Toning and regenerating , it makes the skin softer and more beautiful day after day! Orange blossom water will awaken the epidermis and tone it.

Softening, softening, it rebalances dry skin and makes it radiant. It has soothing properties that are suitable for all skin types. It can be part of your daily beauty ritual . Its moisturizing and regenerating properties are very effective on irritated, delicate or dry skin . Perfect cleanser, orange blossom water will help perfect your make-up but also prolong its hold.

Soothes the epidermis after long exposure to the sun. Also fights against the appearance of acne, redness and itching. Finally, thanks to its anti-aging properties, it will fight against wrinkles and fine lines.

For hair :

Possessing a softening effect for the epidermis but also energizing for the hair, orange blossom water gives a boost of radiance to dull hair and tones it if you spray it on it. For a more in-depth treatment, mix a few drops of orange blossom water with your hair mask, it will improve its effectiveness and stimulate hair growth. You can also use it on the nails, if these are brittle.

How and when to use it to take care of our skin?

In the morning: Apply orange blossom water with a washable wipe or spray, before your moisturizer , it will illuminate your complexion. It will help perfect and prolong your make-up. It will also eliminate sebum from oily skin.

In the evening: Always apply with a washable wipe or spray, it eliminates impurities and pollution deposits accumulated during the day.

Price: €6.90 bottle

Quantity: 100ml

Origin: Morocco

Container: Tinted glass bottle to preserve its virtues

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Origin :

Orange blossom water comes from the distillation of bitter orange flowers, very common in Morocco and throughout the Mediterranean. It is a thorny shrub brought back from the East at the time of the Crusades, orange blossom has been used in cosmetics since the Renaissance. This precious and delicately scented water has several uses and virtues.

Good to know :

Flower water can be used in cosmetics but not only, it has many benefits on the body, here are some tips:

- Stress, anxiety, sadness, discomfort, fatigue... Drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of orange blossom water and a glass of fresh water.

- Insomnia, spray orange blossom water on your pillow to help you fall asleep. Can also be added to chamomile tea. But the best way to benefit from its virtues is to add a few drops of orange blossom water to an infusion.

- Stomach pain, drink the mixture of 2 tablespoons of orange blossom water in a glass of water. You can even put a teaspoon in baby's bottle.

- Insolation (or to prevent it), pour orange blossom water on the head.

- In the kitchen, it will flavor all your sweet recipes (cakes, biscuits, fruit salad, etc.)

Casarome tip:

Hair fiber stimulation:

To promote hair regrowth and restore shine. Spray a little orange blossom water on the roots (dry or wet) then brush them.

Sebum regulation:

To help treat an oily scalp, pour two tablespoons of powdered ghassoul into a bowl. Add 4 tablespoons of orange blossom water. Mix until a homogeneous mix is ​​obtained. Apply to the roots then rub gently. Leave on for fifteen minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

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