Castor oil for hair

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How to use castor oil for hair?

The origin of castor oil:

Castor oil is an oil with many benefits as it is complete, its virtues seem unlimited. It is widely used in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil originating from Africa. It comes from a plant of the same name, castor bean (Ricinus communis). The seeds of the plant are pressed to extract a very dense viscous oil. It is mainly composed of fatty acids called ricinoleic acids, these fatty acids give many properties to castor oil, it is also one of the oldest skincare products known to date.

Castor oil for hair

The multiple effects and benefits of castor oil on the hair:

Castor oil is one of those miracle products for the hair, thanks to its many virtues, this oil is one of the best allies to take care of your hair naturally.

Dry hair, oily hair, brittle hair, damaged hair, fine hair, thick hair, afro hair... All hair types will find happiness with castor oil. It is also very nourishing, it penetrates deep into the scalp, it nourishes and densifies the hair from roots to ends, promotes disentangling and accelerates growth. This miracle oil is also good for the skin, but we will come back to it another time, in this article we will only discuss its effects on hair and other body hair.

Castor oil, very rich in fatty acids, nourishes the scalp but not only. Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are shinier, more supple, denser and growth and regrowth are accelerated.

Accelerate growth:

Does this vegetable oil make hair grow? and yes, the best known virtue of castor oil is and will remain hair growth. By acting directly on the scalp by stimulating microcirculation, it promotes the supply of nutrients to the hair bulbs and helps hair and body hair to grow. The hair is then deeply nourished at the root and the hair densifies and grows. Thus, hair that no longer grows grows back and weakened hair becomes vigorous again.+

Fight against hair loss:

With its very thick texture, this oil deeply nourishes the hair and prevents breakage by closing the scales, which helps fight against hair loss thanks to its nutrient-rich composition that nourishes and strengthens the hair root. As the hair fiber is attacked on a daily basis (cold, heat, pollution, etc.), it must therefore be strengthened. By applying castor oil day after day, the hair becomes stronger and shinier, dry and damaged hair will be protected indeed castor oil acts on the hair as a natural film-forming agent which coats the hair fiber composed without suffocating them, thus allowing them to be preserved.

Add volume:

Another benefit of castor oil, ideal for fine hair, volume. Indeed, thanks to its richness in fatty acids, it boosts the production of keratin, the hair becomes denser, the roots gain mass, which subsequently densifies the lengths and ends. Thus the hair grows stronger. By applying a few drops on the lengths, this will repair and strengthen the hair thus increasing its volume.

Restore shine:

Castor oil brings shine to the dullest hair, restores strength and shine. Apply as a mask, they will be shinier, healthier, gain in length and regain their natural beauty. The application of castor oil is very nutritious (vitamin A, vitamin E, etc.) for hair that lacks vitality, it closes the scales of the hair. The hair will be healthier, and when the hair is healthy, it naturally shines and is more radiant.

What about oily or problem hair?

A lesser known use of castor oil, on oily hair or problem scalps. Despite many preconceived ideas, castor oil does not make hair greasy, it will cleanse the scalp while taking care of the hair fiber, lengths and ends.

In short, castor oil is one of the best treatments for natural hair care, if not the best. It must be remembered that the benefits vary according to each person, according to the type of hair and according to the use made of this wonderful oil. However the changes are impressive in the long term if one remains assiduous.

Castor oil for hair

How to apply castor oil?

As a hair mask to be made once or twice a week.

To start, detangle the hair properly, as castor oil is thick and tends to tangle the hair. Massage the scalp and hair to promote penetration. For one to two tablespoons of castor oil, the thick texture can be disturbing, it is possible to mix castor oil with a type oil (argan, olive, coconut, etc.) depending on the type of hair, then leave to act completely the night. The next day, wash the hair with a natural shampoo, possibly based on castor oil.

Preferably avoid hair care products containing chemical additives. Whether for growth or to fight against hair loss, the key with castor oil is massage, it is the effect of circulatory movements on the hair bulb that will promote growth, the importance is really to activate the microcirculation for an effective result.

Depending on the type of hair, the applications are not the same, for example: to increase the volume of your hair and/or to add shine, it is advisable to apply a castor oil mask once a week. To combat hair loss, it is recommended to apply castor oil 3 times a week. To promote hair growth, daily application is recommended for 2 to 3 weeks.

Contraindication :

Castor oil is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as for people with allergies. Indeed castor oil has a strong toxic potential. This is why castor oil should never be ingested. To avoid any risk of allergies, it is strongly advised to test the product on a small part of the skin and to wait 24 to 48 hours before the next use.

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