Protect hands and feet against winter

Winter tip ❄️:
Protect feet and hands ✋from winter.

The feet are dry and the hands more than parched due to the cold, contact with water and friction, the skin cracks and becomes painful.

Remember to moisturize the hands and feet with vegetable oil ( argan , sweet almond ), vegetable butters ( shea ), or with specially formulated creams (like the ✋argan star hand cream ).

To help the skin regenerate and heal in case of cracks, apply thyme honey , lemon oil 🍋 can be used to avoid the sticky side of honey 🍯.

When it is very cold, far from the heart, the extremities are not always well irrigated with warm blood. Blood vessels are shrinking due to the cold ❄️ and the feet are suffering! It is possible to rub the feet every morning, with vegetable oil (sweet almond) to which we add a few drops of essential oil of cypress (very beneficial circulatory properties which will help the feet to do cold)

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