Strengthening mask for fine hair

Strengthening mask for fine hair

Beauty tip: fortifying mask for fine hair

Mix 2 tablespoons of ghassoul with 2 tablespoons of brahmi powder . Add lukewarm water to form a fairly fluid paste. Apply to the scalp, massaging gently. Leave on for thirty minutes then rinse. This treatment replaces a shampoo.

To make cleaning the lengths easier, massage the clay into the lengths when rinsing. Do not hesitate to rinse with a little oat milk diluted with water, it brings shine and facilitates detangling of the hair.

Ghassoul smooths the hair and gives the hair volume, shine, softness, it is very suitable for fine hair . The hair regains softness , shine , suppleness and tone thanks to the virtues of ghassoul.

Brahmi powder helps strengthen and tone the hair. It restores volume , resistance and thickness to fine hair . Hair fibers are lost less during styling. It is recommended to combine it with other powders like amla , hibiscus and neem powder.

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