Anti-acne mask

Anti-acne mask

Anti Acne Mask

Ingredients :

2 tablespoons of ghassoul

4 tablespoons of mineral water 💦 (or floral water)

2 drops of tea tree essential oil 🌿 (tea tree)

Pour the ghassoul into a bowl then add the water and the drops of essential oil until you obtain a homogeneous paste. A little extra to soften, soothe and bring a good smell to the skin, add a few drops of lavender vegetable oil.

Apply the preparation on the face for twenty to thirty minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

This mask allows to absorb the impurities blocked by the pores. Ghassoul is known to cleanse and purify the skin. It is not aggressive, so it is suitable for combination to oily skin, with imperfections, but also for sensitive skin. Tea tree essential oil has purifying properties that help eliminate pimples and blemishes.

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