Oil to sublimate the tan

After-sun oil to prolong & enhance the tan

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After-sun oil to prolong & sublimate the tan:

Nothing better than returning from vacation with a tanned and luminous complexion, after resting in the sun...

But unfortunately with time everything fades... To remedy this, casarome has the recipe to prolong this so pretty complexion, for that you need oil (macerate) of prickly pear (20 ml), oil (macerate) of carrot (15 ml), apricot kernel oil (10 ml) and black cumin oil (5 ml), mix everything then put it in a 50 ml bottle, for the keep longer do not hesitate to put 2 to 3 drops of vitamin E and for those who may be disturbed by the slight smell of nigella oil (you will need to have a good sense of smell), add a few drops of summer fragrance (between 5 to 10 drops) such as monoi, coconut, Provençale…

Carrot oil (macerate) is rich in vitamin A, omega, beta-carotene (hence its very orange color). Essential for a “healthy glow” effect and preserving the tan

Prickly pear oil (macerate) deeply nourishes, promotes regeneration, repair of skin cells and improves its elasticity. It maintains the hydration of the epidermis and preserves the tan

Apricot kernel oil is rich in essential fatty acids. It revitalizes the skin tissues, restores radiance to the skin and also helps preserve the tan. It also illuminates the complexion, revitalizes the skin in depth effectively and durably.

Softening and regenerating, black cumin oil protects against the return of imperfections, after the holidays, and prolongs the tan. Rich in fatty acids, it cleans and nourishes the skin, and protects it against acne-prone tanned skin

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