foot bath

Natural tip 🍃:

Baths 🛁 of feet with salts.

After a long week or a long walk on this sunny weekend, the feet are painful, tired, dry or swollen!! It may be time for them to be relieved!

Casarome to the solution, a bath 🛁 of feet with bath salts from us, 250 gr of salt with orange blossom or rose.

Recipe :
The temperature plays an important role in foot baths, it is recommended to use hot water between 32° and 37°, the ideal temperature for relaxing

Heat water 💧 then pour it into a bowl to get it up to the ankles, add 1 tablespoon of bath salt 🛁 Casarome then mix. The best happens, finally dipping your feet in the basin for 10 to 15 minutes. It is possible to erase the feet using a pumice stone to remove dead skin then dry the feet then moisturize them with argan oil, sweet almond or even shea butter

The benefits of salt foot baths:
Sea salts 🧂 bring energy, relaxation and well-being. In a foot bath, the salt cleanses the skin by eliminating the various bacteria found there. It also stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. In regular use, foot baths with salts protect them from itching and irritation. They can also make some scars disappear

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