Jujube Honey


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Jujube Honey

Quantity: 250g

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable

One of the greatest virtues of jujube (sidr) honey is its exceptional taste

Sweet, soft and creamy , real pleasure for our palates but also for our bodies!

Its benefits:

Known to be rich in vitamins, Moroccan jujube honey increases tone but also strengthens the immune system .

Jujube honey is sought after for its therapeutic qualities, it is a very good stimulant for the body.

It has many virtues. Among other things, it is recommended for eye diseases, which is not very common for honey. It would be very effective in treating several types of diseases. Mixed with various plants it can be used against epilepsy.

It helps digestion and fights constipation. Is useful in hepatic (liver) diseases, stomach ulcers, anemia and diabetes.

One can benefit from its virtues in case of respiratory complications (asthma, bronchitis...). It soothes the driest throats and coughs , effective against colds, angina and flu because it is a powerful antibiotic. It will be necessary to consume it several times during the day so that it helps healing, pure or with a small tea.

With its strong healing power, it can be used in case of wounds or burns, in external application.

Promotes rapid recovery after childbirth , facilitates menstruation . It is also attributed a strong aphrodisiac power and would be very effective during fertility cures whether in men or women.

Little information on the jujube tree and its origin:

The jujube tree is a tree that can reach 8 meters in height. Has brown bark and spiny branches. Its leaves are oval and its flowers are small and yellow. Its fruits, the jujubes, are bright red and then turn brown. Its fruits are edible, dry they look like dates. Its fruit known for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial active ingredients

Originally from Asia, its fruit was consumed for its energizing properties. It also grows in the Mediterranean regions.

Our honey is 100% natural, why and how?

To justify that a honey is 100% natural, criteria must be respected by the beekeeper:

- The hives must be surrounded by organic or wild crops within a radius of 3 km

- Foraging areas must be at least 3 km away from sources of pollution (cities, highways, industrial areas, landfills, etc.)

- The hives must be built with untreated materials, without synthetic paints or varnishes

- The frames located inside the hives must be made of organic wax

- Bees must be fed mainly with their honey

- Bees must be cared for by natural methods (such as homeopathy or herbal medicine)

- During harvest, the use of chemical repellents is prohibited

- The extraction must be carried out cold, without heating.

All these conditions have been respected and noted by our teams for jujube honey

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